Troubleshooting Common Problems

Internet Explorer:

WebGIS will not load (‘Page not found’), printing issues and other errors:


Google Chrome:

Apple Safari:

Tablets, IPads, smart phones

The Davidson County GIS Website was not designed to work on mobile devices although it should display properly on tablets with enough resolution to display the whole map with the side panels. Viewing the website on a mobile phone is not recommended.

Having issues identifying parcels?

Please check the following.

1) Be sure that you are using the secure WebGIS link - Note: If you are using the secured version, you should see a lock symbol to the left of the website address.

2) Add the Davidson County GIS site as a trusted site.

In Windows, this is done in the Control Panel on your computer, not in the specific browser. Note: After you make this change, you will need to close your browser and restart the browser for the changes to take affect.

1. Open Control Panel
2. Search or Find Internet Options
3. Click the Security Tab
4. Add trusted site.